Compressimage reduces the file size of your JPG images

JPEG-Optimizer is a free online device for resizing and packing your advanced photographs and pictures for showing on the web in gatherings or websites.

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Image Compression

A Hassle Free Way To Compress Images

Note the link only exists within 60 minutes ie 1 hour

How to compress jpg and png easily in 3 steps ?

1. Select up to 5 to 10 pictures at once from your PC or gadget.

2. Enter a compression level (%), then activate the update with the button.

3. Download, reduce the file size, and get the ZIP files.

Q : What is the image size limit ?

A : you can transfer picture up to 5 mb

Q : Which image extension can you compress ?

A : JPG Image, JPEG Image, PNG Image

Q : Are images files stored ?

A : No, they are deleted each 60 minutes


Check out the great Examples.

Original File size: 70.0 kb
Compression Level: 65%

File size: 9.1 kb

86.6% File size Savings.

Compression Level: 35%

File size: 6.2 kb

91.0% File size Savings.

Compression Level: 10%

File size: 3 kb

95.6% File size Savings.

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Bigger file size than if you somehow happened to utilize lossy compression

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Device that pack picture on the web, for website page optimization

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